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Where can I find advanced documentation?


I installed db1000n but it's not working properly. What to do?

Create Issue and community will help you with solving a problem

I'm not a developer, how can I help to project?
  • Share information about db1000n in social media, with your friends and colleagues
  • Run db1000n on every possible platform (local machine, public clouds, Docker, Kubernetes, etc)
  • Create Issues or Pull Requests if you found any bugs, missed documentation, misspells, etc

I'm a developer, how can I help to project?
  • Check Issues to help with important tasks
  • Check our codebase and make PRs
  • Test an app on different platforms and report bugs or feature requests

When I run db1000n I see that it generates low amount of traffic. Isn't that bad?
it's okay

The app is configurable to generate set amount of traffic (controlled by the number of targets, their type, and attack interval for each of them). The main reason it works that way is because there are two main types of ddos:

  • Straightforward load generation (easy to implement, easy to defend from) - as effective as the amount of raw traffic you can generate
  • Actual denial of service that aims to remain as undetected as possible by simulating plausible traffic and hitting concrete vulnerabilities in the target (or targets). This type of ddos doesn't require a lot of traffic and thus is mostly limited by the amount of clients generating this type of load (or rather unique IPs)

Should I care about costs if I run an app in public cloud?

Cloud providers could charge a huge amount of money not only for compute resources but for traffic as well. If you run an app in the cloud please control your billing

Can I leave the site for the night?

Yes, you can. I personally leave the browser on overnight and it works fine.

How can I make sure that the computer does not go to sleep while the site is running?

To do this, you need to install a program which keeps the screen turned off. Instructions for different operating systems below:

What are primitive jobs?

Primitive jobs rely on generating as much raw traffic as possible. This might exhaust your system. They are also easier to detect and unadvisable to be used in the cloud environment.

The app shows low response rate, is it ok?

Low response rate alone is not enough to be a problem as it could be an indication that current targets are down but you can try to perform additional checks in case you think the rate is abnormal (trying to access one of the targets via curl/browser, checking network stats via other tools like bmon/Task manager, enabling and inspecting debug logs, etc.)