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Docker VPN

Docker VPN

Setting up VPN for Docker users

In case of using a dedicated VPS that has banned public IP, a container with OpenVPN client can be deployed inside the same network as db1000n is in. One of the easy ways to set it up is through the docker-compose.

There are few docker-compose examples, see examples/docker. Documentation you can find below:

Static Docker Compose


<your username for OpenVPN>
<your password for OpenVPN>

Also place your *.ovpn file into openvpn/ directory. You can set multiple configuration files and one of them will be used.

Old Docker Compose


<your username for OpenVPN provider 01>
<your password for OpenVPN provider 01>


<your username for OpenVPN provider 02>
<your password for OpenVPN provider 02>

Also place your provider01.endpoint01.conf, provider01.endpoint02.conf and provider02.endpoint01.conf files into openvpn/ directory.


docker-compose -f examples/docker/your_docker_file.yml up -d


docker-compose -f examples/docker/your_docker_file.yml down