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Advanced and devs

Advanced and devs

For developers

Developed by Arriven.

This is a simple distributed load generation client written in go. It is able to fetch simple json config from a local or remote location. The config describes which load generation jobs should be launched in parallel. There are other tools doing that. I do not intend to copy or replace them but rather provide a simple open source alternative so that users have more options. Feel free to use it in your load tests (wink-wink).

The software is provided as is under no guarantee. I will update both the repo and this doc as I go during following days (date of writing this is 26th of February 2022, third day of Russian invasion into Ukraine).

Go installation

Run command in your terminal:

go install

Shell installation

Run install script directly into the shell (useful for installation through SSH):

source <(curl

The command above will detect the OS and architecture, download the archive, validate it, and extract db1000n executable into the working directory. You can run it via this command:


Docker + OpenVPN

How to install docker:

Make sure you've set all available resources to docker:

See docker-vpn for instructions on setting it up


Here possible ways to deploy into it

Public Clouds

See possible ways to deploy into public clouds

See also

  • db1000nX100 - a project that automates VPN rotation for db1000n instances that allows you to generate geographically distributed traffic (i.e. to stress test geo-blocking)