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Quick start

Quick start

Death by 1000 needles

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Please check existing issues (both open and closed) before creating new ones. It will save me some time answering duplicated questions and right now time is the most critical resource. Regards.

Quickstart guide


This tool is responsible only for traffic generation, you may want to use VPN if you want to test geo-blocking

For dummies

  1. Download an application for your platform:

  2. Unpack the archive

  3. Launch the file inside the archive
  4. Done!


Cloud providers could charge a huge amount of money not only for compute resources but for traffic as well. If you run an app in the cloud please control your billing (only advanced users are affected)!


You can get warnings from your computer about the file - ignore them (or allow in System Settings). Our software is open source. It can be checked and compiled by you yourself.

How to install db1000n

There are different ways to install and run db1000n

Binary file

Download the latest release for your arch/OS. Unpack the archive and run it


If you already have installed Docker, just run:

docker run --rm -it --pull always

Or, if your container is not able to connect to your local VPN:

docker run --rm -it --pull always --network host

Advanced users

See For advanced

I still have questions

You will find some answers on our FAQ